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Become a Member

We invite you to join Denver Republican Women.  Your membership is your ticket to an enlightened, educated and involved political group of dedicated women. We know you will enjoy both learning and influencing governmental processes and issues.

We have two types of membership for newcomers:

  1. Active members are women who are Registered Republican others who endorse the bylaws and objectives of our national, state and local organizations (NFRW, COFRW and DWRC). Your active membership includes membership in the Colorado Federation of Republican Women (CFRW) and voting privileges in the Denver Republican Women's Club (DWRC).

  2. Associate membership is designed for women who hold active membership in another CFRW affiliated club and for Republican men who are in accord with the objectives of NFRW and CFRW. Associate members may attend DWRC meetings and participate in discussion but may not vote.

Due to increases in NFRW and CFRW dues (which are included in our dues), the dues have had to be increased in 2020.  We trust that you agree that the good work of NFRW, CFRW and DWRC are worth this increase.


Active Member: $35

Associate Member: $20

Membership Form:

Please click on the printer icon at the top right of the form below to print a copy of our membership form. Then send it and your membership fee to:

Susy Johnson, President

Denver Republican Women's Club

P.O. Box 100220

Denver, CO 80205

Email with questions. Please note that membership is for the calendar year (January - December). Memberships received 4th quarter will include the next full year.

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