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Empowering Change: A New Vision for Colorado!

A Fresh Perspective for Colorado's 1st Congressional District: Welcome Valdamar Archuleta!

In April, the Denver Republican Women had the pleasure of welcoming Congressional District 1 candidate Valdamar Archuleta. Valdamar is challenging longtime Congresswoman Diana DeGette in Colorado's 1st Congressional District, bringing a fresh perspective that resonates with voters across the Mile-High City. "Let's do something different in Washington," he declares. "As your congressman, I will fight the complacency of Washington to reinvigorate America. Together, we can accomplish real change for our economy, criminal justice system, and sense of unity as Americans."

Valdamar's campaign focuses on unrigging the system to benefit the most vulnerable by lowering taxes, reducing government spending to curb inflation, simplifying healthcare to lower costs, and making housing affordable. He emphasizes sensible environmental sustainability, advocating for responsible development and market-driven innovation. Additionally, Valdamar is committed to mending relationships between communities and law enforcement to ensure safe cities, and prioritizing domestic needs over foreign conflicts to strengthen America at home and abroad.

Honing Our Skills with The Leadership Institute

In May, our focus shifted to empowering our members with essential skills for effective voter engagement. We welcomed Holly Horn from the Leadership Institute for a voter persuasion workshop at the Courtyard by Marriott in Downtown Denver. The workshop provided valuable insights into voter persuasion techniques and effective messaging strategies.

For those who missed the in-person event, the Leadership Institute offers a 'Voter Persuasion Webinar' online. This webinar is designed to help volunteers, activists, and candidates learn how to engage with voters, especially those who may not be politically aligned with us. The program focuses on creating relationships, crafting your message, and persuading voters to support your candidates. Additional on-demand content is available to program enrollees, making it an ideal resource for individuals looking to become more politically active. Candidates, campaign staff, and volunteers at any level are encouraged to attend. Prepare to emerge as a leader who inspires and a community figure who resonates. You can register for the next webinar HERE.

Growing Our Team and Looking Ahead

Our CFRW District One meeting in May was another highlight, marked by the installation of our new Secretary and Treasurer, Kiim Mosley. CFRW 3rd VP, Wendy Warner officiated the ceremony, welcoming Kiim into her new role with enthusiasm and optimism. Kiim’s dedication and experience make her an excellent addition to our leadership team, and we look forward to her contributions in the coming months.

We are also thrilled to announce that we have recently welcomed eight new active members to our club. This influx of fresh faces and ideas is a testament to our growing presence in Denver and our commitment to building a strong, engaged community. Each new member brings unique perspectives and skills, enriching our collective efforts to make a positive impact in our city.

Continuing the Journey

As we continue to build a stronger, more connected community in Denver, we are inspired by the dedication and passion of our members. Together, we can make a difference, championing the values and ideals that unite us. Stay tuned for more updates and events, and join us in our mission to create a brighter future for Denver, Colorado.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement. Let's keep moving forward, together!

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